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New Client Information

Dear Valued Client:


Thank you for choosing Caplan & Wong CPAs to assist with your tax needs. 

Below are the tax engagement procedures for our clients' reference. 

Please read the guidelines and follow the instructions to ensure efficient processing of your tax return. 


1. New Client Form

Please fill out our New Client Basic Information Form



2. SmartVault: Cloud-based, Secure Document Exchange Portal 

A link will be emailed to you to sign up for our SmartVault secure (bank-level encyption), cloud-based file-sharing portal. 

After initial sign-up, please access SmartVault Client Portal Login at  



3. Upload Your Prior Year Tax Return (Latest Year Filed)

Please upload your prior year tax return to the SmartVault Client Portal.



4. Upload Your Tax Documents

Please upload all tax documents to the SmartVault Client Portal - Client Source Document Folder.

Here's a short tutorial on How to Upload Documents to SmartVault.



5. Paper / E-Organizer + Engagement Letter

A paper or electronic tax organizer (sent from will be sent to you to fill out your tax information.  In addition, please print, sign the enclosed engagement letter and upload it back to the Client Portal.  

Once the organizer is returned/submitted, we will get started on your tax return.



6. Draft Return for Your Review

A draft return will be sent for your review via SmartVault. 

Please inform once you approve the return.



7. E-file Authorization Form Signatures

Efile authorization forms will be sent to you for e-signatures via Docusign. 

Once signatures are received, we will e-file your returns.  



8. E-file Acceptance Confirmation Letter

After your returns are e-filed, IRS and State acceptance confirmation letters will be mailed to you.



9. Final Copy of Your Tax Return + Payment vouchers


Final copy of your tax return will be saved to your SmartVault portal. 

Starting 2021, we will assess a $20 fee for a paper copy of your return.



10. Your Invoice

An invoice will be mailed to you for payment.

Currently we accept checks, or credit card for a small fee (average 3.75%).  Please ask if you would like to pay by credit card.

More convenient forms of payment are coming soon! 


Thank you, we appreicate your business.